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COVID-19 is a new Virus, which the World Health Organization officially named. The must-have fashion item of 2020 was a small piece of cloth to put around your face. With medical masks in short supply at the beginning of the year, people began creating their own homemade masks.
Then, clothing companies and retailers got on board, adding the production of masks to their lines. Now, in many parts of the world, wearing a mask is compulsory. What if there was a solution which could help get us back on track with our normal day to day activities?
Studies have shown the benefits of wearing masks, social distancing, and other practises, but what if we could do more?
The answer is we can. As the most intelligent species on the planet, we can be more efficient and aware of our day-to-day actions. We can and should take full advantage of our Innovative Skills to protect each other and future generations to come.

Let’s invest in tomorrow.

Self Cleaning Surface Stickers in medical room

Medical Rooms & Theatres

Killing 99.99% of all known bacteria eco-friendly Stickso Shield is a material that is applied with new technologies for deodorising and air purification. It is also a sterilising material which can kill bacteria from the skin when touched.

Hospitality and Fast Food

Hospitality & Restaurants

From self-check-in at airports to self-checkout at grocery stores, fast food restaurants to a casino floor, touch-screen technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives.

Self-cleaning desk cover

Office Environments

Open plan offices, desks and hot desking are areas of concern when it comes to spreading germs. Transparent self-cleaning anti-microbial film that can be wrapped around on living/office spaces such as door handles, doors and walls.

TouchShield Shield

Coated with silver-ion which is the active ingredient when it comes to destroying micro-organisms.

TouchShield Shield

Silver ion is proven to inactivate envelope style viruses, similar to Coronavirus, through a charge-based interaction.

TouchShield Shield

TouchShield™ kills bacteria and viruses that come into contact with surfaces and preventing their deadly spread.

Airport Lounge Door
Casino Slot Machine
Window Protection Sticker

Viruses Can Live on some Surfaces for up to 9 Days

Germs on Handle

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