Meet Our Team

Richard DeGouveia Stickso Shield

Richard De Gouveia


A strategic sales person who has worked in many sectors at all levels, Richard has provided the road map and sales intelligence for Stickso Shield along with the knowledge on how to present the product. Heavily involved in the creation of sales and marketing collateral, Richard’s guile and know-how is invaluable to the team.

Peter Pisani Stickso Shield

Peter Pisani

Sales Director

Very experienced and well respected business man with connections all over the world. Pete has built up a solid reputation with his integrity and knowledge and along his life journey has accumulated one of the strongest networks around. Liaising with the rest of the team Pete plays a major role with strategic alliances.

Derek Booth Stickso Shield

Derek Booth

Marketing Director

Derek is an online marketing specialist with over 20 years of SEO, PPC, Web Site and Strategic experience. Managing and controlling how brands, people and products have appeared on search results over the years Derek brings strategy and digital  marketing expertise to Stickso Shield.

Behind The Science

Andrew Gartshore

Andrew Gartshore

For over 30 years, Andrew Gartshore has been a noteworthy leader in the technical laboratory and processing / manufacturing space. He is personally responsible for producing a complete specialist range of products for the graphics and labelling sectors, which are still being used today in the everyday household as well as the commercial sector.

He holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry and is a pioneer and well renowned within the industry, his impressive career and foresight has led to the development of antimicrobial innovative products promoting ‘sterile’ environments that are without doubt leading the industry standard.

Andrew stated “when Covid struck, there was an immediate demand for ‘sterile’ environments. I looked at this as a ‘what can we as a company do to help’. It was decided that if we could help to make a ‘virus killing’ product which could be use on multiple surfaces where human contact is frequent, then this could be of great benefit to mankind”

Andrew went on and developed two products: one for high impact strength on flat surfaces like tabletops, shelves, ledges, (our polyester TouchShield range) and one which was more suitable for 3D type shapes, like door handles, etc.

He then went into phase two development ‘inventing’ a top coating with a very high efficacy (kill count) against bacteria and viruses of the envelope type of which family the corona virus belongs. This meant following EU legislation so as not to infringe any biocidal usage laws that currently exist. He and his team emerged themselves into painstaking research on previous technical publications and scientific literature in this sector to fully familiarise themselves with what was required to fulfil their final objectives.

To summarise, after trying several approved biocidal additives and a range of aqueous based polymer binders for compatibility, TouchShield was invented and has been tested and clinically proven to be effective.

Andrew and his team are constantly improving TouchShield to maintain a strong position within this field and continuing to be market leaders and innovators. Inventing trustworthy products of the very highest quality and performance helps to keep TouchShield at the forefront of the markets it serves.

Andrew quotes “I am proud of my team and our achievements, knowing that our invented solution has, and will continue to help mankind in its consistent fight against strains known now or in the future”