TouchShield Installation and Maintenance Guide

Using a suitable, non-waxy soap based cleaner and water – ensure the surface is cleaned thoroughly.
Rinse with clean water and dry with a lint free cloth or paper towel.
If surface type allows, wipe with an IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) to give completely clean and dry finish
Ensure surface is fully cured and free from any residual solvents, especially if the surface has recently been
painted or printed with a solvent / eco-solvent ink. Allow at least one week for painted surfaces and 48 hours
for solvent ink printed surfaces before lamination.
• Masking tape
• 1 squeegee /clean cloth
• Pin
Peel back the leading edge of TouchShield release liner and apply, in position, to your cleaned surface.
Where necessary, in particular for larger surfaces you can use masking tape to hold one edge in place.
Slowly remove the release liner and at the same time using an appropriate squeegee (or by hand / clean
cloth with plenty of pressure) push out and expel any air bubbles from the centre and edges of the graphic.
Be careful not to ‘stretch’ the TouchShield around corners or edges.
Using a pin, ‘pop’ any remaining air bubbles and re-squeegee.
Squeegee the entire film again and allow to cure for a minimum of 2 hours before use for the adhesive to
completely cure. Where possible, allow for 24 hours.

Self Cleaning Surface Stickers in medical room

Condition for at least 24hours, both substrate and TouchShield film together at minimum temperature of 10ºC.
Laminate the film to the substrate using a suitable laminating machine.
Use heated roller facility (do not overheat as this can cause premature PVC shrinkage) if necessary to
overcome any potential temporary silvering.
TouchShield can be cleaned whilst in-use, using fresh clean water or a dilute weak soap solution.
Either spray or apply by cloth and wipe surface of the film with low to moderate pressure leaving little or no
cleaning solution on the film.
TAKE CARE – Take care not to allow excess water to ingress from the edges of the film as this could cause
delamination / lifting from the surface.
The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of the film do not weaken over time. They remain as effective from
the day of installation until removal of the film.
The lifespan of TouchShield is indicated up to 6-months ‘in-use’. This is in relation to surface compatibility
which will weaken over time pending usage and traffic.
When edges begin to lift or delaminate – it is time to replace your TouchShield product.
Working from the corner, using a finger or plastic tool raise one edge of the film. Gently pull at 90-120 degree
angle from the surface.
Due to the excellent removability and residue-free adhesive of TouchShield, your surface should be left clear.
Should any residue or contamination remain, this can be removed using a soap / water solution.