TouchShield Technical Information

Our active ingredients are regulated by the ECHA, biocidal products regulation EU) 528 / 2012.
This regulation aims to improve the functioning of the biocidal products market in the EU while ensuring a high level of protection for humans and the environment.
TouchShield™ is certified to ISO 22196 & ISO 21702.
Developed and manufactured in the UK, we maintain full quality control at every stage.

The science behind TouchShield

TouchShield™ works through the measured, slow release of electrostatically bound monovalent silver ions from novel di-phosphorus pentoxide glass structures. This creates an ‘active’ ion reservoir. The positive charge of the silver ions is maintained via atmospheric moisture. The silver ions break down the ‘active negatively charged’ cell membrane outer layer of the bacterium or virus pathogen, neutralising this active functional layer and deactivating the pathogen, leaving its core ‘open’ to attack by more active species and rendering it completely inactive.